Kory Kevin Reckinger is a Minneapolis based photographer specializing in Interiors and Architecture, as well as Lifestyle Photography (which is really just a catch all for anything else that comes his way)

A Minnesota native, Kory studied Graphic Design and Advertising at St. Cloud State, before pursuing a degree in Interior Design at Dunwoody College in Minneapolis.  He spent a few years in the Interior Design industry before finding a role as a designer at Martha Dayton Design.  

Enamored by the process of 'Photo Shoot' days for the design firm, Kory started to study architectural and interior photography on the side, and has since spent his time outside the design studio creating beautifully crafted images using natural and artificial light.

When Kory isn't photographing interiors, he loves to dabble in passion projects-- anything from photographing local concerts, documenting the new Vikings Stadium Construction, or capturing moments from his travels with a 50mm lens.