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Kory Kevin Reckinger...

is a Minneapolis based photographer specializing in Interiors and Architecture (with a contempt for writing about himself in the third person, so let's change that)

I was born and raised in the snowy tundras of Minnesota. Four glorious years were spent at St. Cloud State studying Graphic Design and Advertising, before I came back to the Twin Cities to study in Interior Design at Dunwoody College. After a few years in the Interior Design industry I found a role as a designer at Martha Dayton Design, where I currently spend my Monday through Friday project managing and designing interiors for residential and commercial projects.

I quickly fell in love with our photo shoot days for the design firm, and it wasn't long into my design career that I started to spend my weekends learning the art of architectural and interior photography. I've been developing my style of photography over the last three years and have fallen in love with mixing natural and artificial light to enhance every space and every image.

When I'm not designing, I'm usually photographing. When I'm not photographing, I'm hanging out with my wonderful wife, our amazing daughter, and our energetic dog. I also spend a lot of time reading; probably too much Ayn Rand and definitely too much Harry Potter. And any time beyond that I like to spend with my guitar, who doesn't gently weep, but rather hiccups off tempo (depending on who you ask).